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There are lots of reasons to call a licensed plumber, from the basic “Ewww!” factor to ensuring code compliance to keeping your family safe.

Here are a few common issues that require professional attention AND need to be addressed the same day before they turn into bigger problems.

Sudden loss of water pressure or other water “extremes”

Loss of water pressure, no water at all, or a large, rushing leak are all signs of a broken or clogged pipe somewhere in or around your home. In cold climates like West Michigan, breaks commonly happen when exposed pipes freeze. Other causes of a rupture include corrosion in old cast iron pipes or a connection that’s jiggled loose. Clogs can occur in locations ranging from the aerator on a faucet to deep within the system.

Keep in mind that much of your home’s plumbing is hidden in the walls and floors, so you might have trouble locating the source of the problem. The professionals at East End Plumbing have the tools and expertise to efficiently find the issue and make the repairs.

No hot water/water heater leak

Water heater leaks usually start small but, if your unit is in the basement, you may not notice one until the floor is flooded or you end up with a cold shower. In addition to the inconvenience of not having hot water, and dealing with a mess, leaks can cause significant water damage to your home.

A faulty water heater also could have a gas leak, which is dangerous for your family. If you smell sulfur or rotten eggs, go outside immediately and contact a professional to turn off the gas. East End’s team of friendly plumbers has the know-how to safely install, disconnect, troubleshoot, and reconnect gas lines for water heaters and other appliances.

Sewer backups or toilet issues
This is where the “Ewww!” factor comes into play. In addition to the disgusting smell, sewer and toilet issues are health hazards that need to be addressed as soon as possible.

If you flush the toilet and things ooze up through the sink drain; if the toilet gurgles when you turn on the shower; if you can’t easily unclog the toilet or it constantly overflows, chances are there’s an issue deep within your home’s plumbing system or in the main sewer line outside.

The professionals at East End Plumbing have the specialized knowledge and equipment to resolve unfortunate problems like these and get your home back to normal in no time. If needed, they use video cameras to inspect the lines and look for breaks or clogs. Lines can be cleared with high-pressure hydro-jetting or a powerful, all-natural drain cleaner.

Sump pump failure

A sump pump is essential to protect your basement or crawl space from flooding. Water under your home causes a host of problems from nasty smells to mold and mildew, to allergy and asthma concerns, to structural damage. If your sump pump fails, you need it fixed right away, before you end up with a flood and are forced to spend hours wet vacuuming and moving stored items to higher ground.

East End Plumbing can help with all these problems and more. Call today for a free, no-obligation estimate.

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