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Whether you’re building a new home or updating your existing one, choosing your plumbing can be a big decision. We’re here to help you make it, though – let’s look at the most common recommended plumbing types and compare them.



PVC pipes are probably what you think of when you think of home plumbing. The white plastic pipes are one of the most common and can be used for everything from main supply and drainage lines to irrigation systems.


Pros: Doesn’t rust or corrode. Inexpensive. Easy to repair or replace.

Cons: Can warp over time with hot water or sun exposure.



Copper pipes were the most commonly used before PVC became popular, and are still frequently used. Similar to PVC, they don’t corrode easily, but they have the added benefit of being heat resistant. They can easily last 50 years before starting to wear down.


Pros: Heat resistant. Resist corrosion. Natural antimicrobial properties.

Cons: Materials and labor are both more expensive.



Even if the name doesn’t sound familiar, you’ve probably seen PEX before – it’s the thin, flexible plastic tubing that you may see in conjunction with other plumbing or even inside old pipes. Its size and flexibility mean it can be run directly through existing pipes, which makes it great for re-plumbing or installation within walls.


Pros: Flexible. Freeze resistant. Requires fewer fittings (which means less pressure loss)

Cons: Can’t connect directly to a water heater (you’ll need a piece of copper or similar piping for the direct connection).


Whatever you choose, you can breathe easy knowing that there are multiple great options for plumbing today, and our trained plumbers will help you make the right choice for your home’s needs. Call today to schedule an appointment!

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