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You’ve undoubtedly heard of hard water and soft water, and blamed something in your life on having one or the other, but do you really know the difference, and which is better? Let’s break it down.

First, let’s talk about what classifies water as hard or soft; it all comes down to minerals. Hard water has higher concentrations of mineral deposits, especially calcium, magnesium, and iron, that usually collect as the water passes through the soil on its way to the water supply. Soft water indicates the absence of these minerals, or at least far lower amounts.

Pros of Hard Water

Cons of Hard Water

Pros of Soft Water

Cons of Soft Water

Final Verdict

Like most things, the ideal option is somewhere in between hard and soft water. If you have hard water, one way to achieve this balance could be to install a water softener but leave the line to the drinking and cooking water out of the system, allowing you to benefit from the minerals contained in it. And if you’re worried about the waste from water softeners but also tired of being itchy after a shower, shop around for high efficiency options until you find something you’re happy with. No matter what you choose, we’re only one call away to get your project started – call today for a free estimate.

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