3 Tips to Keep Your Pipes from Freezing

Does being away from home for a couple of weeks or months this winter make you anxious? Worried about frozen pipes, flooding, or other water issues? Check out these helpful tips from the experts at East End Plumbing. Schedule a whole-home plumbing inspection. An every-other-year inspection is the best way to find small leaks and other […]

4 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Garbage Disposal (And 1 You Should)

Having a garbage disposal is convenient, but also dangerous. Many of us use it as a catch-all for anything we don’t feel like walking over to the trash can, but that’s a bad idea. As tempting as it is, here are some things you should never put down the garbage disposal. 1. Fibrous fruits and […]

3 Things to Know Before Thawing Frozen Pipes

We’ve talked about how to prevent frozen pipes, but what happens when your pipes freeze anyway? Now, the absolute safest way to deal with this is to call in a professional, because thawing pipes can be tricky and we don’t want to give you tips that set you up for failure. But if you can’t, […]

4 Reasons Your Bathtub Won’t Drain (And 4 Ways to Fix It)

Have you ever taken a shower and accidentally ended up taking a bath as well, because the water kept rising around you? Slow draining bath tubs are inconvenient and can be downright gross. It isn’t difficult to block a drain; here are a few ways it can happen. Soap Yes, the very thing you use […]

3 Plumbing Myths Debunked

Between product marketing, word of mouth, and DIY blogs or social media channels, there’s a lot of misinformation out there – especially when it comes to your home. Sometimes that ends in wasted money or time for a lackluster solution, but sometimes it causes real damage. Let’s take a look at the three biggest plumbing […]

Three Plumbing DIYs and One for the Pros

Between the vast resources of the internet and the extra free time many people have had lately, DIY projects have never been more popular. And while there’s plenty you can do around your house without hiring a professional, plumbing is one of those specialty areas where you should be careful. There are some things you […]

4 Reasons Your Toilet is Leaking

When my husband and I bought our home a few years ago, we had all of the flooring on the first floor removed and replaced with vinyl plank. A few months later, I noticed a strange smell in the half bath but ignored it – I had enough on my mind getting the house how […]

3 Causes of Low Water Pressure – and What to Do

If you’ve ever climbed into the shower after a long day only to have water come out of the shower head at nothing more than a trickle, you’re familiar with the annoyance of low water pressure. Anything from the way your house is built to major problems in your plumbing can cause it, so it’s […]

3 Causes of Ceiling Water Spots

One day, you open your curtains and the light highlights a little bubble in the paint on your ceiling. Maybe you forget about it or maybe you make a mental note to keep an eye on the spot; but a few days or even months later that little bubble is now an ugly yellow stain. […]

Don’t Flush That! 4 Things that Don’t Belong in Your Toilet

To a toddler, a toilet is a magical portal where things just…disappear. As an adult, you hopefully know the difference. But just in case, let’s talk about what you should never flush down your toilet. 1. Goldfish Whether your fish has died or your child wants to set it free, flushing a goldfish is pretty […]

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