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Problems in your home are frustrating. When something goes wrong you have to try to fix it or find someone who can, wonder how much it will cost you, and deal with the inconvenience of the problem and the logistics of handling it. When the problem is with your plumbing it’s even worse because most of it is hidden in your walls – how are you supposed to know? Here are four signs you have a plumbing leak.

1. Your water bill skyrockets

Unless you’ve had a known change in water usage – like someone else moved in or you installed a sprinkler system – your water bill should be pretty consistent. So if it’s suddenly twice as much, there’s a good chance you have a leak somewhere increasing water use.

2. Your water pressure plummets

One of the most common causes of low water pressure is a leak somewhere in the plumbing – this could be anywhere from the pipes to the faucet itself.

3. Your pipes are rusty

If you have galvanized steel pipes (common in older homes) you may notice rust on the pipes you can see. Over time, steel pipes will develop rust and corrode, which can cause leaks. Remember, corrosion can look like traditional rust but might also just look discolored or flaky.

4. Everything is wet

If you notice wet carpet, water stains on the ceiling, or even peeling paint or wallpaper on the walls, you could have a plumbing leak. These should be somewhat easy to isolate based on the affected area, but you’ll almost certainly need to bring in a professional since it will involve going into the walls to find the leaking pipes.

While it’s stressful to deal with plumbing problems, the good news is you’ll probably notice them on the early side since anything that’s different from the norm is a warning sign. If something is off, call us and we’ll tackle it together.

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