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A leaking sink is the worst. It’s usually not a crisis situation but it’s inconvenient and really brings into harsh relief how often you use your sink. It also involves a lot of time sitting or laying in front of the sink with a flashlight, which isn’t anyone’s favorite activity. Most leaks are easy to handle, though, if you follow a few easy steps.

1. Protect the area

This is especially necessary if your sink is mounted in a cabinet (like kitchen sinks or bathroom vanities). If the cabinet gets ruined by the water, you have a whole new problem on your hands. Remove anything stored under the sink and get a bowl, pot, or some type of bucket to catch the dripping water. Remember to empty it regularly!

2. Pinpoint the leak

This one seems obvious, but there are a surprising number of causes for a leaky sink and they all have different solutions. You might see dripping from the garbage disposal or a pipe itself, but you might not see anything except mystery water. In that case, there are two likely culprits: the faucet itself, or the seal around the sink. To figure this out, watch the area around the faucet with the water running and see if and leaks around the base. You can also pour water around the edges of the sink and watch below to see if it runs down.

3. Call us

If you’re confident that you’ve pinpointed the source of the leak and know how to fix it, go for it – just remember to turn off the water and electricity as needed. But if you’re unsure exactly where it’s coming from and there aren’t enough YouTube videos in the world to make you feel comfortable fixing it, give us a call. We’ll get you up and running and get that bucket out of the way.

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