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As it gets colder outside, access to a hot shower gets more important. But what happens when you step under the water and get a freezing jolt to wake you up instead?

Here are the three most common reasons you might not have hot water, and what to do.

Tank Size

The most common reason behind a hot water shortage is simple supply and demand. If your family’s needs are larger than what your hot water heater can supply, you have no choice but to wait (or take that chilly shower).

Depending on if your needs are volume based (running multiple faucets at once) or time based (constant hot water to one faucet), there are a few things you can do to fix the problem. For volume needs, you can either restructure your water use to spread out the demand – maybe change when you run the dishwasher or do laundry – or upgrade to a larger tank. If you need constant access, like in the case of multiple people taking turns in the shower, consider switching to a tankless hot water heater that can better meet the demand.

Power Supply

It also might be as simple as an issue with the gas supply or circuit breaker. If your water heater is gas powered, double check that the supply is on and the pilot is lit. If it’s electric, check for a tripped breaker.

If you notice issues with either of these – like if you smell gas or the breaker keeps tripping after reset, you need to call in professionals.

Water Leak

Finally, another common reason you’re running out of hot water is that the tank itself is leaking. This isn’t an issue with a tankless hot water heater, but if you have a traditional tank-style heater, check around it for signs of leaks. Even if you don’t see actual water, discoloration on the cement is a sign of past leaking.

While running out of hot water is a bummer, the good news is that most of the time, it’s an easy fix. Call us to schedule an appointment to talk about what we can do to keep you warm all winter.

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