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If you’ve ever climbed into the shower after a long day only to have water come out of the shower head at nothing more than a trickle, you’re familiar with the annoyance of low water pressure. Anything from the way your house is built to major problems in your plumbing can cause it, so it’s important not to ignore it. Here are a few things that cause low water pressure and what you should do.

Malfunctioning Fixtures

Whether there’s a mechanical problem with the fixture itself or it’s just being affected by build-up, if you only notice water pressure issues in one specific spot (like a shower or sink), the problem could be with the fixture. Limescale and other residue can plug the fixture until barely any water can get through. This is one of the easier fixes; just take off the aerator or screen and clean it out and you should be back in business.

Supply and Demand

The plumbing in some homes is simply not built to meet a large demand. Maybe you can take a shower without noticing any problems, but when you take a shower while the dishwasher and washing machine are running, you’re left high and dry. Unfortunately, the best solution for this is just coordinating your activities so you aren’t running everything at once.

Pipe Problems

Whether there’s a clog, a leak, or corrosion, water pressure issues throughout your home can usually be attributed to an issue in the pipes. When water is prevented from moving freely through the pipes, it’ll naturally come out of fixtures more slowly. Leaks and clogs are easily found by a plumber and are relatively simple fixes. If corrosion is the issue, sections of pipe can be replaced, but the problem may be system-wide and eventually lead to the need to replace more and more of the plumbing.

There are more causes of low water pressure, of course; but these are a few of the most common and easiest to diagnose. Whether your issue is listed above or not, calling a plumber to diagnose the issue is quick and easy and can give you the peace of mind that your home is in good hands. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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