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One day, you open your curtains and the light highlights a little bubble in the paint on your ceiling. Maybe you forget about it or maybe you make a mental note to keep an eye on the spot; but a few days or even months later that little bubble is now an ugly yellow stain. It’s clear there’s a leak, but what, exactly, is leaking? Let’s look at three common causes.

1. Your Roof

This one is obvious. Especially if the leak is on the top floor, the odds that it’s coming from the roof are high. Damaged or missing shingles or even faulty installation can let water through. If you’ve recently had a bad storm, had work done on your roof, or you know the roof is very old, it’s time to get up there to check it out.

2. Pipes

Leaking pipes can cause water stains on ceilings or walls throughout the house. As we mentioned in a previous blog, a leaking pipe within the walls or ceiling is something you don’t want to go after yourself; call a pro to find and diagnose the issue before proceeding.

3. Fixtures

Fixtures include sinks, toilets, and bathtubs or showers that are in some way leaking. The cause of the leak can be anything from improper installation to the caulk or other sealant wearing down. You see this a lot with old bathtubs or bargain-installations of new shower pans and surrounds. Outside of installation problems, good old-fashioned overflowing of a bathtub or toilet will also cause a leak. Basically, if water gets underneath the fixture, there isn’t really anywhere for it to go and it will steadily drip. You’ll often see a bulge in the ceiling under the fixture, and it can be dangerous if left unchecked. Unless you want a bathtub in the middle of your living room, call a plumber.

Water stains are a nuisance, but their root cause can be much more than just annoying. If you’ve noticed a water stain pop up, or there’s one you’ve been ignoring for a few months, call us to schedule an appointment and make sure your home is in tip top shape.

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